Things To Know About Immigration Australia Citizenship

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Are you planning to shift your whole life to another country? Many people migrate to places in search of quality education, job, and other opportunities. If Australia is on your wish list, you might want to know how to get there. Find out about immigration australia citizenship more.

Citizenship v/s PR

Before migrating to a new place all alone, you should know what it means once you get there. the basic thing to know about is the difference between citizenship and residency. A permanent resident of Australia is someone who has a permanent visa but is not born in the place. They do not have citizenship. They can travel anywhere internationally and return to Australia since they have a permanent visa.

immigration australia citizenship

Permanent resident of Australia

Applying for permanent residency in Australia takes a lot of formalities as mentioned on their website. If you wish to apply for one, make sure you are eligible as per the criteria mentioned. It is better to check eligibility first and then apply. In case of any discrepancy, you will not have wasted any time.

Australian citizenship

Getting Australian citizenship is a very prestigious honor. You will have to meet all the criteria of eligibility and go through several steps of screening. To apply for citizenship in Australia, a person needs to be above 18 years of age. This is the first and foremost necessity. After that, the person should pass the citizenship test. You will have to intensely study Australia, the rules, and regulations, values, and traditions, etc. After passing the test, few formalities remain. The person should already be a permanent resident of Australia. Otherwise, they will not get citizenship. Also, there is a need for the person to be a part of Australia in the future too. It is important to maintain close contact with the state in their future life. There is also a conduct certificate necessary. There would be an investigation into the person’s character. If the character is clean, there is nothing to worry about. For children to apply for citizenship, the procedure is different. For giving an application, an adult should have a 12-month record of PR without any issues associated with them.

There is no need to worry about getting citizenship. If you check all the boxes of eligibility and have a perfect track record of zero cases against you, you can get the required citizenship.

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