All You Need To Know About Chemotherapy For Lung Cancer

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A lot of research and development is conducted in the medicinal field, especially for cancer. Lung cancer is mainly found in those people above the age of 65. The main reason is excessive smoking or exposure to toxic chemicals or even having a family background. chemotherapy for lung cancer is one of the most sorts of treatments that aids very beneficial.

After a patient is diagnosed with cancer blood tests are undertaken and the samples are collected. Scanning will be done to see what exactly cancer looks like. After which chemotherapy will be referred. Almost once in three weeks, they will be called for chemo. If the pain reduces it means that the therapy is working. This will help to maintain a better quality of life.

Treatment done right

For the treatment to have the best impact on your body you should be very strong and believe in yourself. There may be certain side effects of excess chemotherapy that as bleeding, weight loss, infections, hair loss, and fatigue to name a few. If you fight against all these you can get the treatment right.

chemotherapy for lung cancer

The first part of this treatment before the chemotherapy is that that part of the nodes in the lungs are removed by getting it operated on. Chemotherapy is to kill the cancer cells in our bodies. Unfortunately, chemotherapy does not differentiate between the cancer cells and healthy growing cells in your body. Chemotherapy and radiation therapy would be done if the patient is in his last stages. Operations for a patient are not done in this stage. Another new advancement in these treatments is immunotherapy.

If the patient is in the last stage it means cancer has moved to various other parts of the body like the heart, kidney, and even the bones. The survival rate is less in this stage. Here the cancer cells take many mutations wherein each mutation should be individually treated with different therapies.


To survival of the patient depends on various factors. Some of them after they reach stage three have survived. It all depends on your physical and mental condition now. The treatments will have the best effect on life if the patient can fight back all the odds. Always advise staying away from such breathtaking things. Being strong and facing all odds is the only thing one can do.

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