The initiatives taken by MariyamDawood

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Many countries fall under the category of developing nations. Well, Pakistan tends to be one of them. Even today, we know that many sectors are undergoing development. These include health, education and infrastructure facilities. We might not be aware of the efforts taken by people to make this world a better place for living. However, in this article, we decided to discuss about one humanitarian, mariyamdawood. Who is she and how has been working towards better development for Pakistan? We will check that out in the article details below.

MariyamDawood and her great initiatives to help millions of children

Even in today’s era, children are not getting the right health facilities they deserve. But MariyamDawood is one of those great females who actively partake in the initiatives that look after the physical and mental health of children in Pakistan.

Mr. Bashir Dawood and MariyamDawood are the major two individuals who look into these initiatives and have been funding it. Children were dying of illness due to lack of infrastructure and health facilities. But with the introduction of modern equipment and technology, curbing illnesses in children has become a step easier.

Looking back at the journey of Sick Children Foundation

Every good thing has its own history and so does the Sick Children Foundation. So, let us take some time to read about the journey of this foundation.

In the year 1875, thousands of children were dying out of diseases. This was observed by Mrs Elizabeth McMaster and she made up her mind on starting something that will change the lives of these kids. With this goal in mind, Sick Kids Foundation was brought to life.

Regardless of a child’s financial stability, the foundation decided to help children get the healthcare facility they deserved. In order to kick start with this great mission, premises were taken on rent. Initially, there were only about 16 beds and then it increased to 320 beds. All the beds were maintained well keeping in mind the health and hygiene of kids.

Further, a milk pasteurization plant was set up in the hospital in Canada in 1908. This was useful in keeping away diseases due to contaminated milk. Later in 1920, blood transfusion theory was introduced which helped in saving lives of many ailing children. Here, compatible blood groups were used for blood transfusion.

In the year 1972, a fundraising organisation was set up by the hospital which was known as Sick Children Foundation. The main mission behind this was to raise funds for ailing kids.

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