Swimming Pool Maintenance Suggestions: Tips For First Time Pool Owners

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There isn’t a better time to swim than during the summer, let’s face it. It’s the ideal season for pool parties, and the mix of bright sunshine and refreshingly cool water is unbeatable. Summer, on the other hand, is typically when your pool is used the most. As a result, additional pool upkeep is required. You’re vacuuming your pool more frequently, skimming twice as many leaves and bugs from the water, and adding an unending supply of chemicals.

With dryer sheets and lemongrass, you can keep wasps and bees at bay

It’s difficult to keep bees and wasps out of your pool if you don’t have a fence around it. It takes a long time to skim them out of the pool. However, repelling these insects naturally is much easy than you might believe. Because what draws them in might also repel them. We’re talking about fragrance here.

Tennis balls can be used to absorb oils

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Do you have a couple of tennis balls lying around in a bin? Not intending on playing a single tennis match in the near future? Great! Let’s make good use of those tennis balls. Put a few of them in the water and watch them float. That’s it; the tennis balls will take care of the rest because they’re constructed of a substance that can absorb free-floating oils in your pool from swimmers, creams, and other sources.

Use pantyhose to line your skimmer basket

The simplest approach to quadruple the filtering power of your skimmer basket is to line it with pantyhose. The pantyhose’s small mesh material enables the basket to filter at a much finer level. Smaller material frequently makes its way past the skimmer basket and into the filter. This basic pool maintenance trick, on the other hand, fixes the issue.

Repeat the filtering process

Pool maintenance techniques will save you money. Running your filter more often consumes more energy. Chemicals are dispersed significantly more effective when you run your filter more frequently. During the summer, pool chemical costs are normally at an all-time high. Check out Reece’s pipes and fittings for swimming pool supplies.

To keep the water in balance, test it twice a week

Consider the difference between balancing your water once every two weeks and once every few weeks. If you test and balance your water every other week, you’ll need to add a lot of chemicals to maintain it balanced. Especially during the weeks of pool parties.

Extra chlorine should be used.

When you’re balancing your water during warmer weather, add a little extra chlorine than usual. Sure, you’ll need more chemicals in this method, but it will help compensate for chemical losses due to solar radiation. Plus, as previously stated, summer is typically your pool’s busiest season.

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