All About The Business Management Diploma Course

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This program length is one year. It teaches students about business intricacies and the fundamentals of management. In their entire year of study, students will learn the basic concepts utilized in business to get them ready for the business world. Many areas of fields such as risk management, human resources, and marketing fall under it. So, if you are looking to sharpen your mind in the business department, go for a business management diploma.

Eligibility criteria and admissions

Students must have completed their 10+2 from the commerce, science, and arts streams. Usually, students do diploma courses right after graduation from school, but in some cases, they can also do it after their bachelor’s. If we talk about admissions, then it follows the general process. Either you have to score a certain amount of marks on the entrance test, or they consider your board percentage. Regardless, colleges and universities use a merit system, and the students with higher scores are admitted first.

business management diploma

Admission Process

First, the students need to fill out the form which can be done either offline or online. After this, they give an exam at the exam center. It is either offline or online. Next, the cutoff decides how many students got in. The cutoff depends on the number of students and the colleges offering business management diploma courses. If a student is selected, they will receive a confirmation email or phone call. In some cases, the opportunity for a scholarship is also presented to those who score higher.

Subjects and fee structure

The academic syllabus varies for every different institute. However, some subjects that are common to the curriculum are marketing, fundamentals of management, operations management, management of small businesses. The tuition fee for public institutes is much less than that of a public institute. The fee ranges somewhere from 5,000 to 40,000 depending upon the college.

Scope of the program

This program has a wide scope ranging from finances to operations to marketing.

  • A person can become a business development executive and work on selling the services and products for a company
  • Or they can opt to be financial planners and plan the estimated finance calendar for their clients and assist them.
  • Last but not least option is a project manager. It’s a highly respected position and here a person will have full authority over a project from planning, and controlling to monitoring.

 Hence, this course is a foundation for those who want to establish themselves in the field of business.

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