Why do people have to visit the church?

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Before you know the reasons for going to church, some people are not going to church. You might be growing up in a place where people attend church during weekends. Some parents will send their children to church even if they are not attending because it is how it works. You may have grown to the same community, but there are other things you can do during your weekend. Before the pandemic hits worldwide, you keep away from going to church. It is because there are many reasons not to attend it. But there are reasons for not visiting, which can be valid, but you focus on the benefits of attending church.

Less stress

When attending church has mental health benefits for you. You will have fewer fears, anxiety, and worries. It is not that people attending the church will not suffer from these things. It is when you learn to focus more on why you attend church because you believe in hope.


Some people go to church because they like it. When you attend regularly, you will make your friends and look for a mentor that has the same mind to be with.


Salvation is individual; worship is communal. You will benefit from praying with others. God is putting you in a community because He knows that it is the best way for you to boost your faith in Him.

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Use your gift

Being part of the Planetshakers Melbourne church will allow you to use your gifts. You will be a church member, and God will provide you with spiritual help that you can use to spread the good news.

Introduce children to God

The church is the best way to introduce children to God. Many think children will not understand what is taught inside the church. But you have seen children who lead members of their families to Christ.


Sometimes, you feel like you are giving up on your Christian journey. When someone is in the world, they will help you to walk away from God because Christianity will not make sense. It could be in a better way everyone can understand. But when you are spending your time, it will show you that the trials you have in this life are in a lesser time.


The church is the best way to learn leadership skills and practice what you learn inside the church. Most congregations allow you to be in service that develops your abilities.

Taught you how to love

One of the benefits when you visit a church is learning how to love others. And because you are a broken person, you don’t say those things that will not show who you are. It is how you will open your eyes, see the truth, and start loving yourself and others.

Attending church makes you realize you are not only there to stand. But you have to listen, which will teach you how to love yourself and others. You must know how to replace the love of God. People will not visit a church because they don’t like it or have an excuse. But what matters most is you know how to communicate with God.

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