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In the past few years, a product that was once thought to be safe has been linked to some severe health risks. Mint flavored chewing tobacco is just as dangerous, if not more so, than traditional chewing tobacco. The mint flavor of these products gives users a false sense of security. It makes them believe that they do not have oral cancer risk factors simply because they switched from regular chewing tobacco to ‘mint’ flavored chew.


The cause of all oral cancer is chewing or spitting smokeless tobacco.


You may remember seeing this warning on your grandpa’s tin of chew, but did you know that new research has found that it holds true for all forms of smokeless tobacco? In fact, previous studies have shown no significant difference between the amount of oral cancer causing agents in regular chewing tobacco versus mint flavored chewing tobacco.

mint pouches tobacco free

MINT pouches release a non-toxic, odorless vapor that evaporates within seconds after heating. There are no known adverse side effects from using MINT products since they contain only FDA approved food grade ingredients. By not burning tobacco or paper, 100% mint pouches tobacco free such as MINT do not create ashtray fumes or expose others close by to the offensive smell of smoke. MINT products are entirely safe for use by non-smokers, children, or adults; at work, on airplanes (FAA regulations); in homes with pets; and anywhere smoking is restricted.


MINT pouches are not marketed as a quit smoking aid or an alternative to cigarettes but instead offer smokers the opportunity to continue enjoying many of the sensory pleasures associated with tobacco smoking while avoiding the harmful side effects of burning tobacco. Since they do not contain any tobacco, MINT products do not result in stained teeth, yellow fingers, or bad breath. There is no risk of fire when using MINT pouches since they produce no flame and cannot be ignited like conventional cigarettes.


MINT pouches have been on sale since 2000 and have recently had explosive growth in popularity, becoming a top-selling product throughout the country. Since mint tobacco free pouches are relatively new to many people, there has not yet been much independent research conducted; however, initial feedback from both consumers and health authorities is very encouraging.


With all of these factors combined (reduced adverse side effects; odorless vapors that evaporate within seconds; no risk of fire) it becomes clear why there is growing support for this alternative tobacco smoking method.


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