Everything You Should Know About The Iso 45001 Transition Course

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The new version of ISO 45001 that has been long-awaited by the people, has finally been released in the market. With its release, people are left wondering how to climb up the succeeding steps in the process and become successfully compliant with this new version.

ISO 45001:2018 is known to bring out certain significant changes in the approach and concept compared to OHSAS 18001, but nothing that a company cannot handle. Success is indubitably guaranteed with the commitment coming from the management and a systematic approach followed by the transition project.

Why should you attend the course? 

An iso 45001 transition course enables a person to gain a perfect and thorough grasp of the differences between ISO 45001 when compared to OHSAS 18001. During the transition course, a person can acquire the necessary expertise and knowledge for supporting a particular organization in planning and implementation for shifting to ISO 45001 from OHSAS 18001 OH&S MS in an efficient and timely manner.

After gaining acquaintance with the new requirements and concepts associated with ISO 45001, a person can easily sit fir the exam and apply for PECB Certified ISO 45001 Transition. With such a PECB Transition Certificate being possessed by a person, he will effectively demonstrate that he possesses the professional capabilities and practical knowledge that is important to apply the ISO 45001 changes successfully to an existing OH&S MS.

iso 45001 transition

Who should attend the course? 

  • Auditors who are seeking to perform the transition certification of ISO 45001
  • Trainers, managers, and consultants who are involved in the transition of ISO 45001 from OH&S MS.
  • Individuals who are held responsible for the planning and implementation of the transition

What are the learning objectives of the course? 

  • It helps to comprehend the new requirements and concepts of ISO 45001
  • It helps to understand the high-level structure of ISO 45001 and learn the process of application of it to OH&S MS
  • It helps to learn the primary differences between ISO 45001 AND OHSAS 18001
  • It helps to effectively apply the changes brought up by iso 45001 transition to the OH&S management system

Steps to follow for a successful transition

  • Defining the context of the organization
  • Listing all interested parties
  • Reviewing the scope of the OH&SMS
  • Demonstrating leadership
  • Aligning OH&S objectives with the company’s strategy
  • Assessing the risks and opportunities
  • Identifying and evaluating OH&S hazards
  • Determining the compliance obligations
  • Controlling the documented information
  • Operational control
  • Performance evaluation
  • Measurement and reporting


Follow the required steps in the transition process of ISO 45001 to make a successful transition to a completely new standard today.

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