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Although the Great Recession may feel like a long time ago, the economy is still recovering from it. The country’s (and the world’s) economic situation has impacted a variety of industries, including manufacturing. Trade necessitates the use of manufactured commodities. According to the World Trade Organization, products account for 80% of interregional trade, while services account for only 20%. That implies we need things to exchange for foreign goods, or we’ll end up with a massive and expanding trade imbalance, as the globe has for decades. This will ultimately jeopardize the currency’s worth; if the currency falls in value, imports will become prohibitively expensive. Due to this, manufacturing industries like precision sheet metal fabrication companies are becoming more important to the economy than ever before.

What is manufacturing?

Manufacturing is integrating labor, machinery, equipment, and chemical or biological processing or formulation to create products. Manufacturing is the backbone of the secondary economic sector. The term can refer to a wide range of human activities, from handmade to high-tech. Still, it’s most commonly associated with industrial design, which comprises the large-scale transformation of fundamental materials into completed things. Such items may be sold to other manufacturers for use in developing more complicated products, or they may be delivered to end-users and consumers via the tertiary sector. This is often accomplished through wholesalers, who sell to retailers, who then sell to individual customers.

Importance of manufacturing

Manufacturing, in general, is very important for the economy. There are countless reasons to support this argument. Some of the more important ones are:

  • The service sectors rely heavily on manufactured items. While service sectors make up approximately two-thirds of most economies, they rely on manufactured items to operate and advance technologically.
  • Three jobs are created for every manufacturing position. Because manufacturing contributes so much value to the economy, manufacturing employees’ paychecks are re-spent in other economy sections.
  • Industries like precision sheet metal fabrication companies form the backbone of all industries that require metal or sheet metals. This is because they provide both raw materials and processed raw materials for their respective dealers.

Manufacturing from an economic point of view

Manufacturing is essential for economic progress. Manufacturing productivity, or the number of products produced from a given amount of input, rises by roughly 3% per year in the United States, year after year, thanks to continuous technological advancements in manufacturing technology. On the other hand, service sectors either have relatively poor productivity growth or rely on technical improvement in machines, either directly or indirectly. Furthermore, because machines can manufacture other machines, exponential growth, such as that seen in rapidly reproducing animal populations, can occur.


In a word, manufacturing is very important for the growth of the present economy. Not only it gives out jobs, but also it makes the company’s economy strong.

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