All You Need To Know About Offset Printing Singapore Is Here

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Do you realize that offset printing in Singapore may assist you in developing a unique printing design? If not, then the article is a must-read for you. So, without further delay, read this ultimate article to know more about offset printing singapore.

What Is Offset Printing?

This method of printing uses inked images that are offset to a rubber blanket before being transferred to the printing surface. It is also combined with the lithographic process to create a flat image carrier. The rubber cylinder is printed at the end which provides flexibility, fine printing on cloth, paper, leather, etc.

Working on offset printing

In this method, a lithographic technique is used, which is a multi-step process. This method uses metal plates, water, impression cylinders, oil-based types of equipment, and inks. Oily inks only adhere to the sections of the plate that contain the images and text. Oil-based inks are repelled by a thin layer of water applied to the plate’s blank areas. Firstly, the ink on the plates gets transferred to a blanket cylinder coated in rubber. When the inked blanket cylinder rotates over the paper, the ink spreads on the paper. Impression cylinders were used on many presses to exert pressure on the paper while the ink was transferred to the surface. Sheets are also moved through the presses with the use of impression cylinders. I hope now you are clear about the working of offset printing.

Benefits of offset printing

  • Offset printing Singapore uses the cheapest method that can produce high-quality prints and can give unique look.
  • With this method, there is a fast production of printing labels.
  • It can create clean and high-quality pictures.
  • This printing has a long plate life.
  • This method can automatically adjust the volume of ink on the fountain roller.

Bonus Tip

This type of printing has both advantages and disadvantages so I would suggest that, first analyze both the pros and cons and only take steps further. First, see which method can help you in the long run and has more benefits.

Wrapping Up

So, this was all about the offset printing Singapore. I hope you find this reading very much helpful and enlightening. So do not wait more and go for this type of technique that can help you in the long run. After analyzing all the types of printing, now it’s your choice which printing service you want to use. All The Best!

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