More Information About Evotix technology

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Many companies tend to collocate their developers into small teams that then manage themselves as they see fit. When these teams work on complex problems, such as those encountered in research and development projects, communication issues often arise. Frequently, critical knowledge about the product is locked in the minds of key individuals who are not always available when needed.

Evotix’s technology provides solutions to this problem by making all knowledge easily accessible within the network. This means that researchers will no longer have to be physically present at a workstation to access all information about their project but can instead go online. Furthermore, they do not have to worry about losing data or being dependent on other team members during critical times since everything is always available using Evotix. Additionally, developers can save time and resources because they don’t have to travel long distances anymore, allowing more of them to focus on solving problems rather than coordinating with others who are only indirectly involved in the project.


It facilitates communication by providing a common repository accessible to all development team members for sharing data and knowledge. Furthermore, it ensures that users can quickly find the information they are looking for, even if they don’t know its exact name or location. To this end, Evotix implements search capabilities based on natural language processing techniques which allow researchers to get an idea about what is available to them simply by asking questions. The system will then automatically translate these requests into queries and compare them with all existing knowledge items. This way, developers can use implicit communication to identify patterns and derive hypotheses from existing knowledge instead of speaking in detail about their problem and waiting for others to probe them for more information—knowledge-based Collaboration.

Evotix allows better Collaboration by facilitating the sharing of knowledge that is not necessarily known or accessible otherwise. The system provides a shared environment that contains all documentation, data, and artifacts generated during the software development process. This way, teams can stay up to date on project developments without losing track of essential details. The technology makes sure every team member has access to all relevant information at any time and place, thus facilitating knowledge transfer between members working together to solve problems. Additionally, it makes it possible to build upon existing work instead of wasting time reinventing solutions already discovered by other developers within the network.