A look into the types of equipment that aid cooks: Commercial kitchen equipment

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Why the need?

Food is one of the necessities of mankind. The smell of spices and the meat cooking up from nearby restaurants are more than enough to stimulate the brain’s hunger centers. What works behind the cooking is even more fascinating. Commercial kitchen equipment is equally essential as the cooks. They help in food production for a massive group of people. Sometimes, when a single kitchen is placed in a weakly populated area, it becomes the primary food provision for a few kilometers.

A checklist for the kitchen equipment

commercial kitchen equipment

Are you someone who is planning to start your kitchen but is confused about what all you need? Here’s a list of equipment which is needed to do the start-up

  1. You will need a freezer to store your veggies to prevent them from going bad and make really sweet ice-creams.
  2. Chicken? Steak? It consistently tastes best when it is grilled. So you will need an oven.
  3. Tongs, so that you will not get your hands burnt.
  4. Saucepans salute the spices and extract their flavors.
  5. Sharp chef knives to chop fruits before serving them.
  6. Bowls of different volumes to mix your ingredients thoroughly.
  7. You cannot put your hand inside a boiling pan and taste the food. You will need at least a pair of spatulas.
  8. Fire extinguisher because safety should come first.
  9. The hot air blown out of the cooking station should move out of the kitchen for which chimneys and exhausts are made.
  10. Always have a provision for first aid. Some bandages, cotton rolls, and anti-septic can be life-saving in some cases.

Cleanliness must be a practice

Anyone who comes in contact with the eatables should wash their hands with soap and water. The cooking and storing area should also be kept clean. All the types of equipment are to be disinfected by the end of the day as leaving behind organic matter can cause a medium for the micro-organisms to flourish. The floor and the ceiling should also be cleaned at regular intervals. Proper sanitation and disposal of the wastes should be provided so that the wastes do not interfere with the water or food supply. The food should also be used before its date of expiry.

Mentality when starting a commercial kitchen

A kitchen in anyways is targeted towards providing food. Therefore proper storage should be maintained. Fresh raw food items should be brought in and served with the best care. An atmosphere of simplicity with proper communication should be continued among the employees starting between chefs, the chef and the waiter, and so on.

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