Why you should or should not get your wisdom tooth extraction singapore?

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Wisdom teeth are structures located at the end of tooth lines, two on the upper part and two on the lower part of the mouth. These usually develop in human beings between the age group of 17 to 25. These facilitate proper grinding of food and thereby smoothen digestion.

These are hard and are usually do not interfere with chewing. But can be infected by microorganisms.

The infection can cause painand swollen gums. These third molars may also lead to other dental problems such as decay, tumours and related complications. This is when it becomes a necessity to perform surgery and remove them to avoid severe medical conditions. wisdom tooth extraction singapore is one of the hospitals that can help you out.

wisdom tooth extraction singapore

When to get these removed?

There is usually not enough space in the small mouth to accompany the third molars, which is why it seems crowded at the back. In a few cases,third molars are impacted (trapped)and are not fully covered due to partial growth of gums.

In case of a forceful adjustment between second and third molars, the chances of second molars getting damaged are high. In a few cases, the infection can spread to the rest of the teeth. The insufficient space leads to crowding of structures that may need orthodontic treatment for settlement.

Complications such as tumours can occur on the appearance of Cysts in the sacs of the third molars.

Tooth decay is a common result of stuck food and bacteria at the back. As it is harder to completely clean the hidden items, these organisms misuse the situation and cause tooth decay.

Pericoronitis is a common outcome due to brushing the back lines of teeth. Pain in the gums and swelling are symptoms of the disease.

These impacted teeth can affect the jawbone if unaddressed; hollow of the jaw along with damagingthe surrounding nerves.

Sinus, pain and congestion can be observed if no action is taken to cure trapped teeth.

Should you visit a dentist?

Healthy molars are good to grind food and give a nice look to the jaw. However, it is best to have regular check-ups to avoid suffering in future. Age plays a major role, it is necessary to visit a quality service provider like wisdom tooth extraction Singapore for removal and treatment of impacted teeth.

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