Importance of Understanding Branded And Generic Drug Name Medications

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Every medication available at your local pharmacy has a generic version. But most of the time, what people prefer is the branded name options. Before you purchase medicine, it is essential to know both the generic name and the brand name of any medication you take. This will help you control your usage because overdosing could be fatal for any drug. Read on if you want to know the difference between branded and generic name drugs.

Brand Name vs. Generic Medications

If you have noticed, generic medicines usually don’t look, smell, or taste like brand-name drugs. Instead, their brand names make them identifiable from other generic drugs. When talking about generic drugs while looking at the medications affordability organization hong kong, these are medicines that have different brand names, but all have the same active ingredient. But here are the differences to tell them apart.


  • Different Inactive Ingredients. In brand names and generic drugs is, the inactive ingredient contained. The generic and brand-name drugs are other, making them unique. It is essential to look through the ingredient list on the drug label to ensure that all components are good for you.

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  • Different in Prices. The most apparent determining factor between a brand name and a generic drug is the price of the medication. Also, insurance copay is typically lower in generic medicines. Depending on the drug, the cost difference can be between 20% and 80%. Generic drugs are cheaper because generic drug companies do not spend on the exact investment costs as the brand-name company.
  • Different Manufacturers. Various companies manufacture medications. The type of drug available locally will depend on which manufacturer your drug store uses. There are medications support programs hong kong that can help those who are struggling with their medication costs.


So, Is Brand Name Drugs Better?

Choosing between a brand-name drug and a generic medication will usually depend on your doctor. Most of the time, they will consider your need for medicine. Still, it is your right only to request a generic alternative. Brand-name medicines are almost always more expensive than generic drugs. However, the branded ones are more reliable and proven safe and effective.

It is very important to remember to know both the brand name and the generic name of any medicine you are taking. No matter how many brand names your medicine has available in your local pharmacy, take note that the generic name will always be the same.

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