Different Types of Face Masks And Respirators

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The level of protection a respirator or face mask gives will depend on the type you use and how it is used. Nevertheless, they offer protection against any bacteria or virus that you can inhale. If you are looking to buy N95 masks in Australia, it is very important that you know exactly what you are looking for. So here are the different types of masks and respirators that you can pick from.

Cloth Masks

Masks made of cloth can be made from a wide range of materials. These days, there is a wide selection of cloth masks to choose from. When choosing cloth masks, they should properly fit over your nose, mouth, and chin. They must also be made of multiple layers of tightly woven, breathable fabric that blocks the light when held up to a source. It should also be designed with a nose wire for a better fit.

Procedure Masks

There is a large selection of disposable procedure masks to purchase, even online. These are masks that are specifically recommended for medical procedures or surgical procedures. It should also have a nose wire and must be made of multiple layers of non-woven materials. It must also properly fit over your nose, mouth, and chin.

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Another recommendation from health experts is respirators. When buying a respirator, think about how comfortable it should feel if you will be using this the entire day. What the manufacturer says about how to use it must be followed. You should take note of instructions on how to properly put on the respirator, keep it clean, and how to properly dispose of them. A safe respirator should have the correct N95 and KN95 marks.

Masks and Respirators for Children

According to health experts, when the COVID-19 Community Level is high, everyone over the age of 2 should wear masks in public places indoors. And for low or medium COVID-19 Community Levels, children are still encouraged to wear a mask, especially in schools and other public places. It has been shown that wearing a mask is good for protection, even for children.

Parents and guardians may have questions about respirators like N95s for children. Even though some respirators come in sizes that are only for adults, there are now N95s that can fit young children. Buying them would be your own prerogative because remember, they are still mostly made for adults, so they haven’t been tested a lot for use by kids as of yet.

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In general, loosely woven fabrics offer the least amount of protection when it comes to masks and aspirators. This is then followed by layered, finely woven materials, then well-fitting disposable surgical masks, and KN95s. You have to remember that whatever product you choose, it should provide a good fit and the maximum level of protection.

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