Best Wrist Brace for Radial Fracture

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As is well known, evolution has placed man upright, his left legs supportive and adjusting his hands to work. And traumatology (if it existed in those ancient times) was immediately enriched with the following facts: Radial bone fracture in a typical place is the most common fracture: 12% of all injuries associated with isolated bone fractures are caused by it.

In this case, we are talking about an isolated fracture of the lower part of the radial bone. Bone can be broken both by bending and by extension. Expansion plays a much more significant role in the pathogenesis of trauma than turning.

With Galeazzi’s injury, oedema and pain occur in the wrist area, deformation of the radius occurs at a certain angle.

Radial fractures in a specific location (slightly above the wrist) are the most common shoulder fractures. However, it is often observed in children and adolescents; they are most often found in the elderly due to osteoporosis and corrected with therapy and the best shoulder brace.

Fracture of the beam in a specific place, respectively, is of two types:

  • Extensor, or extension option (Collis). It occurs when falling on an outstretched hand in an attempt to lower on the palm, although this is possible in brawling and martial arts. In this type of injury, the bone fracture is moved toward the back of the hand,
  • Bending, or fracture in turning (Smith). It will arise if you fall not on a bent hand but a bent hand. Of course, this is less common since a person instinctively tries to fall on his palm rather than on its back. Therefore, the bone fracture is moved to the side of the palm.

In the case of fractures of the radial bone without displacement, gypsum is applied; with removal a closed position is performed followed by the application of gypsum casting. If necessary, arterial fixation with needles is used to better preserve fractures. The patient is then sent for control radiography. With satisfactory standing fractures of gypsum keep for 4-5 weeks. For proper repositioning, the best wrist brace is used. If the fractions could not be adjusted, the operation is displayed.

Symptoms of radius fracture

The following symptoms are likely with this localization of the injury:

  • There is a pain in the wrist area,
  • Swelling appears
  • In case of displacement of the bone fracture, it can be felt on the back, or on the palm side of the arm,
  • If there is no displacement, no distortion, and only the numbness arises,
  • When trying to feel the wrist, severe pain appears, especially on the back,

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