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The durian fruit is the king of highly-prized and extremely succulent fruits that will leave you to lick your finger because of its taste. When it comes to durian, the juicy flesh and bittersweet taste make it a hot seller amongst durian lovers and even chefs. These gems of fruit are the epitome of perfection, which is loved by all. If you are looking for the musang king durian, buy it from maoshan whang, which provides durian at a very affordable price.

5 durians you must try if you love bitter tastes

People love durians because of their bittersweet taste,and it generally comes in the creamy form as you can popularly get the durian varieties like ice cream, pastriefs, and even cake. The durian desserts are very delicious it is creamy, sticky, custardy and of course bitter which brighten your mood. Sometimes durian tastes like alcohol which gives a very tender, bitter flavour to the mouth. The varieties of durian are mostly found in Johor and Pahang, which is common for them to get. The taste of durian is bitter yet pleasant, which has been liked by most people. The 5 durians that you should try if you love bitter taste are as follows:

musang king durian

  • Mao shan wang- It is the most renowned durian species because of its bold bittersweet taste. It is one of the popular desserts fruitswhich gives you flavoured taste to your mouth, and it is mostly riper, so it becomes sweeter when you taste it.
  • XO durian- It is mostly liquor taste which comes with a blend of creamy form. The XO durian is mostly used in coffee and delicious food. The taste of the durian is extremely bitter because of the long period of fermentation. The XO durian is waterier, so it needs to be handled with care.
  • S17- It is one of the best-tasting durians ever compared to another durian. The S17 durians are sticky and moist gives a subtle and bittersweet taste to the durians. The smell of the durian is strong and fills your mouth with wonderful flavours.

Although there are varieties ofdurian to taste, the musang king durian is a famous Malaysian that belongs to the Malvaceae family and is a sweet, subtly, bitter fruit developed in the 20th century and highly favoured for its golden yellow flesh, creamy and silk consistency.

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