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The corona pandemic does not stop at restaurants and delivery services. With the increasing interest in food services, everyday hunger  is also changing. The so-called delivery market is a highly competitive area. The so-called cloud kitchen above all offer a high degree of flexibility. Many dishes can be offered thanks to the low-cost concept when choosing a location.

The concept of guestless kitchens are so called ghost kitchens. These kitchens have always been a marginal phenomenon, a niche phenomenon, so to speak. The challenges associated with the Corona situation made this type kitchens famous overnight. These are such type of kitchens which are now an important basis for local supplies in many cities. As the name suggests, these are kitchens in which exclusively cooked and no guests are served on site. Even before the effects of the pandemic, a disruption of everyday gastronomy was foreseeable, but now everything is going faster than expected. Experts compare the development of these kitchens in relation to the new food delivery platforms of the new Netflix or Spotify of the hunger scene. That the guests don’t drive by and get the food,


Digital orders via apps and the Internet will also significantly overtake traditional telephone orders. The effects of the corona pandemic in many places meant that this model had to be tested. This fact could lead to that in many countries, too, the trend towards cloud kitchen hong kong will soon develop into a normal situation. There will be a change in the entire scene and no restaurateur should hope that the same old normal will be returned to after the corona pandemic.

Benefits of ghost kitchens

The out-of-home market can become a disruptive development because the balance of power between the restaurants and the delivery service is also changing in it. The delivery services are not limited to pure delivery. Much more, they develop food platforms themselves, which, thanks to customer data, bring out their own new concepts. For example, there are already pure virtual restaurants that exist solely as a brand and whose dishes are prepared in ghost kitchens. If ghost kitchens have one major advantage, it is the fact that they can respond to new conditions much better than traditional companies. This applies to street food trucks as well as seasonal events in big cities.

With good reason, entrepreneurs are asking themselves why they should hire expensive staff, buy expensive equipment, pay expensive rent, and invest in posh guest rooms when the focus in the near future is on out-of-home sales anyway.  This is particularly evident for providers of fast food such as burgers, pizza or bowls, because such dishes are actually more suitable for consumption in your own four walls than in a noisy, average locality.