Types of Shopify Shipping Methods

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When it comes to running a successful business, most people skip about a point, yup it is shipping. When owners think about how to run a business, Shipping is not the first thing that comes to mind, but it is a critical part. One must know the different types of shopify shipping method and choose the best way for their business.

  • Expedited

It is a blanket term. It simply means faster than the standard time. Each parcel has its unique name for shipping.

  • Overnight

It simply means the package would be at the customer’s doorstep by the day and would be delivered overnight.

  • Priority Mail

It is more known as a brand name than a shipping method. Priority methods are not available by many companies. It takes at least one to three days to deliver a package.

  • Flat Rate

It means the shipping cost depends on the package’s size, shape and weight. Flat rate shipping usually excludes all the variations. A flat rate is a cost-effective way in the long run.

shopify shipping method

  • Multiple addresses

The term means the customer can deliver the same or different goods to multiple addresses, such as a T-shirt for themselves and their friend to two different addresses and through the same order on the site.

  • Local delivery

If the business supplies to a limited area or the local area. One can opt for this type of shipping, where the owner can ship all the products together instead of shipping them differently. It also does not delay shipping to the customer, and the owner does not need to worry about their goods.

  • International

It stands for international shipping, meaning from one country to another. While shipping internationally, many customs are determining whether the item inside is merchandise or a gift, also additional taxes, tariffs and duties come along with international shipping.

  • Freight

It is a primary way of delivery. It is used in shipping large quantities through shipping containers. If the store is blooming, then freight is a good option. Air freight via planes, Ocean freight via ships, Ground freight via trucks, and Multimodal freight via vehicles are some of the well known freight option.

Even though shipping is not a widely talked topic, it is a crucial part of any business, and owners must figure out a shopify shipping method among the given options and choose wisely among the given options.

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