The varieties of a printer for printing

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When working in an office, there is a lot of equipment used by the people but the most common one are the printers. Even though at present most of the things are being done online and there is no need for many hard copies of the documents, it is still preferred to have some of the things to be available in the hard copy format to maintain the safety of some documents that would have been not that secured on the online platform. Not only that but there are many other uses of the hard copies. These are also required to keep a backup of the data that is being done, in case there is some loss of data online. However, with the advancement of technology, there are many more things that can be done by a printer than just printing paper.

Different types of printers

A printer is the most common type of electronic equipment used in both homes and offices for several purposes. Some of the different types of printers that are available in the market and fare used extensively on an industrial as well as personal level are as follows:

  • Inkjet printers and laser printers are the two very common types of printers that are used by people to print things. They can either be back and white or colored ones. They are the ones that are most commonly used in houses and offices. These printers print on regular or glossy papers that are used in files or projects.


  • 3-D printers are also very common in the market nowadays. They can print any shape or object in three dimensions. There are controls provided along with it in which the person has to enter the dimensions of the object that has to be printed. These printers are mostly used by architects, artists, etc which helps them get a better idea of the infrastructure of the things that they are working with.
  • The supertank printers are used to print on plastics. Since plastics are very smooth, there is a chance that by using the normal printers, the prints on them will not be sustained for a long time. But with these printers, the print on the plastic remains for a long time.

Thus, there are different types of printers in the market that can be used as per the requirement.

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