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Singapore is home to one of the world’s busiest maritime shipping ports, the Port of Singapore. As one of the most significant off-shore engineering services serving the marine sector in Singapore, marine electrical engineering is vital. Allied eParts is the best marine electronics distributors, which is also assisting the local off-shore engineering team in marine electronic technology and design. Electronic equipment that has been certified for usage in a maritime environment. All electronics utilised aboard must be compact enough to fit into the limited constraints of a bridge and water-resistant enough to be used in the water.

They place a high emphasis on relationships that are based on trust. Products from e2v Teledyne Technologies, Hatteland Technology, and AC Antennas are available only via the distributor throughout Asia. They are also the exclusive authorised distributor for Entel, Novega and Thuraya, Victron Energy, Jotron, and Hammer. The marine electronics products aid in the smooth navigation of ships and vessels in Singapore’s waterways and beyond and the clear communication of crew members on board.

Marine electronics for all kinds of commercial vessels, fishing boats, navy vessels (new builds and retrofits), and other vessels are provided.

distributor of marine electronics.

Allied eparts is a one-stop-shop for the following services:

  • Electronics for maritime navigation
  • Electronics for Marine Communications
  • Equipment that can save lives
  • Systems for Automated Manufacturing
  • SCS (Satellite Communications Systems and Services) provides satellite communication solutions.
  • Services for Upkeep and Support, also known as Maintenance and Support Services

Marine Electronics are available in stock and at the best possible prices. A wide variety of clients may be served by Allied eparts, which sells maritime electronics and other portable goods and components. The clients serve a few examples of service businesses, ship management companies, ship chandlers, shipowners, shipping company and maritime systems integrators.

In its own right, marine electronics is a specialised area concerned with the design and manufacture of electronic equipment appropriate for use aboard a ship in a hostile sea environment. Sodium chloride is present in the marine environment, seawater, and sea air, and it accelerates the corrosion of electrical equipment on board the ship. The selection of electronic components for maritime electronic systems is often based on their ability to withstand corrosion, be water-resistant, or be waterproof in nature.


Shipboard marine electrical equipment and instruments are usually built to be rugged and long-lasting, as with most electronics in the maritime industry. The majority of the equipment can withstand the severe corrosive environment of seawater for an extremely long period.

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