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1.    Introduction

Now a days everyone are more enthusiastic about cryptocurrencies and they want to earn money by investing in these cryptocurrencies, it involves binary data implemented which serves as a medium for exchange of money From person to person directly without any mediator in between. And the transaction details is saved in a highly secured computer database with strong cryptography. Crypto currency existing dataform rather than physical form and it is decentralized exchange which does not involve the third person to mediate the transaction. Usually whenever transaction has to take place between person to person bank involves but in case of cryptocurrency there is no such thing and it is decentralized. Each cryptocurrency works through A blockchain technology that’s serve as public financial database of the transaction and the information is decentralized in the form of nodes,if you looking low cost as well as high speed transactions then visit the website Solanax prediction markets

Solanax prediction markets

2.    What are the advantages of using CRYPTOCURRENCY

A.     Solanax prediction markets provide best BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY Which provides you Direct person to person transactions and also they are decentralized so that there is no governing body if you want to transact money

B.      In blockchain system there are nodes where information about the transaction is verified by many persons if greater than 50% of the nodes says verified then the transaction is done

C.      The transaction happens in minute fraction of seconds and also you can transfer money from country to country at low cost expenses and also with also high speed compare as lightning speed

D.     The government should also promote further decentralized transactions to take place because even though centralized banks are secured but there are more chances of hacking, so each and every country and also each and every government should promote for decentralization of that transactions

E.      One has two know that as this add decentralized transactions and the nodes are located in different countries and also there are least chances of hacking the systems as they are highly secured and also as it is decentralized even though if you hack  one node you can’t hack all the notes

F.       This is the main advantage of decentralization of transactions and also your money will be well secured and transferred to the recipient directly within no time

3.    To wrap up

I suggest you to prefer decentralized transactions and use the above mentioned platform so that your money will be secured, and it is transferred from country to country, with their high speed that is in fraction of minutes and also you can earn money if you verify the transaction by decoding cryptographic language, all these are the advantages of decentralized transaction if anyone decodes the transaction they will get cryptocurrencies in decimal fraction.


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