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Whatsapp now has the provision of opening up API for business accounts. Moobidesk is a solution partner for WhatsApp that offers a communication platform for customers. In this blog, you will learn about the Moobidesk whatsapp solution api.

What does Moobidesk provide?

Moobidesk acts as a communication platform partnership for customer support, marketing, and sales of WhatsApp in Singapore. Read below to find out the features it offers to its customers.

whatsapp solution api

  • It offers WhatsApp integration for sites, apps, and systems. With this integration, customers can send text messages, videos, audio, links, and other files anywhere in the world.
  • It provides WhatsApp alerts and notifications to communicate and provides a great support system for the people.
  • With this API, agents can handle various queries, reviews, and requests of the customers easily.
  • It provides a chatbot that can answer customer queries and cut their overhead costs to help save money. It uses an automated system to answer repetitive questions so that the team can focus on the unique queries and perform other tasks. It will help save a lot of time for the agents and increase efficiency.
  • Moobidesk platform provides an end to end encryption so that your messages remain safe and can only be seen by the recipient. This coding and decoding system keeps your data safe from hackers.
  • You can gain insight into team performance, and using this data, you can anticipate what your customer needs. It will help you tailor the content according to the customer’s requirement, and you can keep track with an interactive dashboard.
  • If you have a comprehensive understanding of the customer’s needs through customer profiles, preferences, and history, you can provide a great customer experience.
  • Whatsapp solution API helps the agents to handle multiple chats at once and increases the team efficiency by reducing time. The supervisor handles chats that require further assistance, otherwise, agents manage the normal chats. It is unlike the WhatsApp web where only one agent handles the customers at a given time.
  • Moobidesk’s WhatsApp business solution makes use of a bot and human hybrid to provide advanced customer support in Singapore. They provide a solution to overseas customers to reduce fallouts and response time. It routes the WhatsApp message to the right agent using an intelligent system whenever the bot comes across a platform.

If you are looking for an API that reduces customer support time and increases the quality of service, contact Moobidesk.

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