Keep Red Ants Away From Your House By Implementing Home Pest Control Singapore

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In today’s modern era, life has been hectic; sometimes, we are so involved in our world that we do not pay attention to things that need to be looked upon. In families where both parents work, and ultimately less or negligible attention is paid to their children, adults ignore their elderly parents.Insects, usually ants, can sometimes become pests, harm us without even our knowledge, and later create health issues. Let us know about the best Home Pest Control Singapore and how they work.

Methods used for Identification of Red Ants

Now, let us have a look at some of the methods to identify red ants in our house or other colonial areas:-

  • They are usually found in a stack of loose soil, similar to gopher diggings.
  • These ants are abundant in number and are easily visible.
  • The worker fire ants are small, dark, vary in size, aggressive in nature, and sting persistently.
  • Body proportions are the same for workers of all body size with a unique character: the width of the head never goes beyond the abdomen width, irrespective of the size of the workers.

Home Pest Control Singapore

Techniques to killing red ants

Now, let us get acquainted with some of the methods on how to kill red ants: –

Broadcasting technique: – This is the first and foremost method, and you need to spread fire ant bait over the complete area; treatment is recommended a couple of times during summers, and as a result, this will resolve many of the ant infestation problems.

Advion Fire Ant bait: – It gives quick results as it is fast-acting and can destroy the entire colony, and you can repeat the treatment in case of new ant generations.

Use of Insecticides: A liquid insecticide is used to kill the queen and there would be a need to saturate the mound with the insecticide. Conquer Insecticide and Bifen IT is the top recommendations to drench the ant mounds.

Defensive barriers: – You can find many barriers in your kitchen such as powdered charcoal, citrus oil, black or cayenne pepper or red chili powder, a mixture of white vinegar and water, etc. which can help in keeping red ants at bay and also prevent entrance of further ants in your house.

Apart from all these, due attention is not given to the microorganism such as bacterial growth in our body and other insects that invade our kitchen and can harm us efficiently,further adding to infections in our body.

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