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Singapore is a bustling place to live. Further, the busy lifestyle of most working-class people can be a real deal at times. Amidst work, social and personal life, looking after home seems like a mountain to climb. It is where cleaning service companies come to the rescue. There are several cleaning services company singapore relies on.

Here are the top names.

  1. Whissh Home Cleaning Services 

They are adapting to the needs and preferences of their clients because they have a dedicated app for booking. The products they use are from Europe and are environment-friendly, child-friendly, and pet-friendly. The staff is trained professionals with experience at both homes and workspaces.

  1. Domestic Cleaning Service by NTUC Income 

They are a  cleaning services company singapore relies on because they offer long-term contracts every week. NTUC has been serving its clients since 1970, making them highly experienced after handling hundreds of clients for years. The employees have to undergo mandatory training before stepping out to work at a client’s place. The best part is that they have a warranty policy in case of damage to the property or any house items.

  1. Helping Singapore 

They offer one of the smoothest booking processes to their clients. All the employees go through a rigorous background check procedure. It is the reason why the company is a popular choice for the residents of Singapore. To further enhance the experience, they have dedicated accounts service managers for each of their clients.

  1. Home Cleanz Cleaning & Laundry services 

Being one of the biggest cleaning service companies in Singapore, they have a team of 70 people who address all the urgent bookings. Apart from cleaning services, they are equipped with what it takes to do small repairs and maintenance services like curtain laundry and more. They also clean windows and iron clothes once a week.

  1. Comfy Homes 

They are equipped with all the general housekeeping skills (both interior and exterior housekeeping). From laundry to mopping to linen changing, they help their clients with everything. If needed, they offer spring cleaning services too. Bookings can be made through phone call or their website.

Cleaning and maintaining a house can be a heavy job at times. It is more difficult to deal with seasonal cleaning. But the cleaning service companies are helpful with all these needs. From weekly cleaning to spring cleaning, they handle everything for their clients.

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