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If you have been using those same glasses for years and now you are tired of them, then it’s high time for you to choose contact lenses. Not only lenses are convenient to wear, but it’s also very stylish, and it helps to change your outlook contact lens online singapore and be the fashion star you always wanted to be. You should know about some vital facts before you buy your contact lenses.

Why Contact Lenses?

  • Lenses are undoubtedly more comfortable to wear on everyday work, and it helps you to stay freely
  • Nowadays, lenses are in fashion, so if you are using them, then you are going to steal the spotlight for sure
  • Wear them to your office, school, college, parties or even in a fashion show, you will always look different and dashing
  • Glasses can be broken at any time and at that moment you can be in huge trouble, but if you are using lenses then you don’t have any worry about that
  • Choose a unique coloured lens and enhance your beauty more. You can even explore different kinds of looks with a slight touch of makeup

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Is it okay to use lenses all day?

Generally, you can wear lenses for about 8-10 hours. But there are lenses available which you can wear for 12-16 hours. Try to give your eyes rest too.

Few Tips For Buying Contact Lenses

  • Get a proper eye-checkup by consulting with a local doctor
  • Always use a prescription that is up to date. Don’t use a drugthat is too old.
  • Remember clearly that a prescription for glasses is not appropriate to get lenses because both the cases are different. Drinks are about 12-14 millimetresaway from our eyes, but lenses are directly placed upon the surface of the eyes
  • Either choose a unique customisedcolour or the shade of your eye as the lens-colour
  • Choose a good brand after consulting with your doctor and don’t forget to check different websites to get the best price

Sleeping With Contacts On Is Dangerous

Neversleep with contact lenses because it enhances the risk of eye infection. The main reason for this is, while you are sleeping with lenses, your contacts don’t allow your eye to get the proper oxygen and hydration it needs.

There are various websites with a vast collection of different kinds of lenses in Singapore. So, don’t hesitate and buy contact lens online singaporeand be the fashion star by following the trend. Use those lenses in work, school,collegeor parties. Stay beautiful and extraordinary in your way.

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