An Animated Video For Your Company

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An animated video of your company could explain in a short and simple way, with the help of drawings, an idea and transmit a message without the need to film the company’s facilities or human team. Punchy Digital Media type of video is very interesting for companies that do not have a corporate headquarters full of workers, such as freelancers or small companies. Or simply companies that prefer not to show their facilities or workers. An animated video should be brief, it’s recommended duration is between 1-2 minutes.

What can benefit you?

1. Our eyes love animations

Animations are easy, bright and move continuously. This lets the sight not to withstand sufferings when watching them, but on the contrary, to relish and realize satisfied with them and even be artsuaded and captivated by their clarity.

Punchy Digital Media

2. They are simple to learn

Animation allows any type of statement and information to be conveyed in the easiest way and nearest way. Thus, animated videos make any type of information no matter how complicated it may be, super easy to understand.

 3.They aren’t stereotyped

If we use actors, the people who see our video could say “I don’t look like anything” or “it seems that this product or service is for people of another age”. An animation is much more open. Although you should choose a representation of your target audience, using one will avoid becoming too focused or reflecting any rejection for having chosen one type of actor or another.

4. Cost savings

An animated video does not require actors, installations, recording cameras… Thus, the “recording” phase of an audiovisual project is left out of the project, which partially reduces its cost.

 5. Greater visibility

Google values ​​videos very highly, so it is a very simple way to improve the visibility of your company, product or service. In addition, it is a great visual marketing tool that ensures a fantastic rate of return.

With the help of clips and videos you can not only arouse the interest of customers and followers , but the integration of videos on web pages also allows you to achieve a higher ranking in search engines . Visitors can also be given the opportunity to post comments and exchange them in a special forum. This can generate organic interest in the videos and, in the best case, users will share the clips, for example through a sharing function created for the occasion.

If you want to sell a product, you can attract the attention of the target audience with a video that collects its functions in detail. This has the positive effect of making users stay longer on your website , and that is, ultimately, quality information guarantees a higher conversion rate.

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