How to thoroughly inspect a used car?

Buying for a trouble-free used car is not all about luck, and all that you do is have good research and investigation skills. You have to know a solution to every problem and identify how used cars can save you from spending more money. This advice will help you find good-value used cars in el cajon. You have to do online research and communicate through phone, text, or email.

You have to expect private sellers that don’t allow you to test drive the car or inspect by a skilled mechanic. You have to think about whether these options are good for you to proceed. But when you have the chance to do a test drive, you have to ask the seller to clean the car before testing.

Inspect the car

It will not matter where you have to buy your car. You have to check the vehicle thoroughly from the interior to the exterior and bring it to a skilled mechanic to inspect the vehicle thoroughly. It would help if you did it during broad daylight to identify any paint change and identify anybody defects. You have to test drive the car for an hour or more before thoroughly inspecting it.


Body condition

Since you are buying a used car, you must check the roof and panel to look for rust, scratches, and dents. You have to look for misaligned panels or gaps, clues for shoddy repair, or messy assembly at the factory. The color and finish of the car need to be the same on every panel.

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You have to check whether the car is at sitting level. You have to push every corner of the vehicle to see whether the shock absorbers are in excellent shape. The vehicle has to rebound once, not bounce up and down. You have to know the car’s front tire and tug it back and forth. The suspension or wheel bearings are damaged when you hear a clunking sound.

Lenses and lights

You have to see that all the lights are working fine. It would help to ensure that all the reflectors and lenses are intact and not fogged or missing.



You have to try all the car seats to know it is ripped or not. And you have to test the seat adjustments to ensure that they are working fine and comfortable while driving the car.


The first time you open the car, you smell the interior. You will know whether the vehicle is moldy or rusty, which shows a water leak. You can remove the mats and look for wet spots on the carpet to confirm it. When you smell something acrid, the former owner is a smoker. You can check it based on the lighter and ashtray.


To check the roof, you have to look at the headliner and roof trim for any stains or sags to know whether the water leaks through windows or doors. Look for any holes or spaces; maybe that is why it is leaking.

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