Lillian Winters Goes to Wonderland – Photo Magazine

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In early 2003 Lillian Winters was uncovering the world of art modeling when she met photographer Chad Michael Ward, and since their initial collaboration Ward's art has continued to capture the unrelenting darkness of imaginative persona. Winters and Ward reconnected for the latest installment of his intimate publication when he was invited to an infusion of provocation.

The jamboree of the 7th Annual New Orleans Burlesque Festival was the principle framework for the beauty and bawdiness that lead the pair through the New Orleans rabbit hole and directly into the heart of the infamous Wonderland Manor.

Lillian in Wonderland is the photographic evidence of an earnest-to- goodness exploration in identities left behind and inklings of time dabbling between the light and shadows.



In the autumn of 2015, Chad Michael Ward and Lillian Winters travelled to the 7th Annual Burlesque Fest in New Orleans, LA. Staying in the historic Wonderland manor, Ward and Winters documented their trip with a series of photo shoots in and around the city.