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Gallery Shows
Obey Your Master: An Art Tribute to Metallica, Exhibit A Gallery (2012)
Fantasma: The Work of Chad Michael Ward, Wells & Verne (2017)
Totally Bitchin’ Night of the Dead 5: Monster VS Monster, Exhibit A Gallery (2017)

“The Vampire Diaries”, L..J. Smith / HarperCollins (novel)
“Secret Circle”, L.J. Smith / HarperCollins (novel)
“Rot & Ruin”, Jonathan Maberry / Simon & Schuster (novel)
“Dust & Decay”, Jonathan Maberry / Simon & Schuster (novel)
“Flesh & Blood”, Jonathan Maberry / Simon & Schuster (novel)
“Set the World on Fire”, Black Veil Brides / Universal (album)
“Disguises”, Aiden / Victory Records (album)
“Knives”, Aiden / Victory Records (album)
Kate Daniels series, Ilona Andrews (novel)
“Inked”, Karen Chance (novel)
Georgina Kincaid series, Richelle Mead (novel)
“Nocturne City”, Caitlin Kittredge (novel)
“Bitter Night”, Diana Pharaoh Francis (novel)
“Dark Oracle”, Alayna Williams (novel)
“Hotter Than Hell”, Kim Harrison (novel)
Rogue Angel series, Alex Archer (novel)
“Poison Ink”, Christopher Golden (novel)
“Iron Duke”, Meljean Brook (novel)
“Threshold”, Caitlín R. Kiernan (novel)
“Low Red Moon”, Caitlín R. Kiernan (novel)
“Silk”, Caitlín R. Kiernan (novel)
Aspect of Crow Trilogy, Jeri Smith-Ready (novel)
“To Serve and Submit”, Laurie Susan Wright (novel)
“Hot Blood #13”, Jeff Gelb (novel)