Still Photography (Music Videos)
Static-X, Blindside, Soil, Trust Company, Marilyn Manson, The Rasmus, Himsa, Natalia Lesz, William Control, Brandon Ashley, Combichrist

Promotional (Bands)
Marilyn Manson, Aiden, Imperative Reaction, Motionless in White, Get Scared, Master of Death, Blood on the Dance Floor, Madlife, gODHEAD, Fear Factory, Collide, The Last Dance, Black Veil Brides, Combichrist, The Petrojvic Blasting Company, The Monkey Grinder Quartet, Dr. Steel, Jupiter Blue, Brandon Ashley, The Razor Skyline, Crown Jewel Defense, Picture Me Broken, William Control, Masq, Awaken the Empire, Davey Suicide, Chamber of Echoes, New Years Day, The Killing Lights, 9Electric, Points North, Varna, Athanasia, Jared Farrell

Promotional (Fashion)
Miss Be, Lip Service, Miss G Designs, Josh Maddox, Evil Threads, Eirik Aswang Fashion, Mother of London, Antiseptic Fashion, Jessica Darwin, House of Bias, Junker Designs, MM Custom Designs

Featured (Magazine)
Rebel Ink, Dark Beauty, Coilhouse (no. 4), Famous Monsters of Filmland, Hungarian Tattoo, Rue Morgue, Skin Two, NME, Spectrum, Gothic Beauty, Tattoo Savage, Carpe Noctem, Pit, Dark Realms, The Third Alternative, Sinical, subSpace, Tenebrous Magazine, Plenilune, Volition, Mass Media Magazine

Covers (Magazine)
Alternative Press (October 2017)
Mass Media Magazine (October 2017)
Dark Beauty #46 (July 2015)
Plenilune (April 2015)
Dark Beauty (issue 39, Dec 2014)
Gothic Beauty (Fall 2003)
Fiend (Spring 2005)

Celebrity Portraits
Ve Neil, Glenn Hetrick, Neville Page, Fairuza Balk, Derek Mears, America Olivo, Kristina Klebe, Heckles & Twitch

Gallery Shows
Obey Your Master: An Art Tribute to Metallica, Exhibit A Gallery (2012)
Fantasma: The Work of Chad Michael Ward, Wells & Verne (2017)
Totally Bitchin’ Night of the Dead 5: Monster VS Monster, Exhibit A Gallery (2017)

“The Stars are Blackest at Night”, (short film)
Miss FD, “Despair” (music video)
Ziggy Jean, “Gypsy Moth” (music video)
The Starwalkers, “Sweetest Essence” (music video)
“Mothmilk”, (short film)
New Years Day, “Malevolence” (music video)
Fake Friends, “Let’s Get Naked” (music video)
“Last” (short film)
Motionless in White, “Reincarnate” (music video)
Strange Blood (feature film)
Berlin, “Animal” (music video, Editor: Justin Paul)
Little Red Lung, “Fangs” (music video)
Davey Suicide, “Kids of America” (music video)
Seven Saturdays, “One in 3” (music video)
Chamber of Echoes, “World of Silence” (music video)
Carla Michaels, “Bad and Beautiful” (music video)
Bad Wolf, “A Better World” (music video)
Davey Suicide, “Generation F***Star” (music video)
Awaken the Empire, “Cross My Heart” (music video)
Awaken the Empire, “Rise and Fall” (music video)
Coyote, “We Live Our Lives in Black” (music video)
Lacey Conner, “The Stranger” (music video)
Awaken the Empire, “The Awakening” (music video)
Blacklisted Me, “Reprobate Romance” (music video)
Imperative Reaction, “Surface” (music video)
Armed Love Militia, ft. Fairuza Balk, “Stormwinds” (music video)
This Can’t End Well, “I’ll Let you Watch”, co-directed with Niko Sonnberger (music video)
Combichrist, “Throat Full of Glass” (music video)
Seven Saturdays, “Terrified of Breaking Down” (music video)
Seven Saturdays, “The Shallow End (White Sea Remix)” (music video)
Brandon Ashley, “My Decadent Thursday” (music video)
Aiden, “Scavengers of the Damned” (music video)
“Fable” (short film)
D’Amato, “Speak No Evil” (music video)
Allhelluja, “Superhero Motherfucker Superman” (music video)
Derek Sherinian ft. Billy Idol and Slash, “In the Summertime” (music video)
Dragonlord, “Until the End” (music video)

“Dead Inside” (feature film, director: Pearry Teo)
“Tekken: Reload” (short film, director: Pearry Teo)

2016 Telly Awards Winner Nic Harcourt’s Transmissions (web series, director: Kita Klane)
Kita Klane, “Fingerprints” (music video, director: Nic Harcourt)
Sistol, “A Better Shore” (music video, director: Burke Roberts)

Rocket Powered Media, Performance and Interview with David Ryan Harris
Rocket Powered Media, In the Studio with Pete Thorn
Friends of the L.A. River 2016 Fundraiser featuring Moby
Guitar Center, The Sound of Royal Blood
Guitar Center, Onstage with Vince Gill
Guitar Center, Zakk Wylde Master Class
KCSN, Live VIP Session with Sting
Guitar Center, 2016 Singer-Songwriter Finals
Guitar Center, 2016 Drum Off
Guitar Center, 2015 Drum Off
Guitar Center, Charlie XCX at Guitar Center
Guitar Center, Richie-palooza
Guitar Center, Chad Smith at Guitar Center
Guitar Center, Grandmaster Flash RockWalk Induction Ceremony
Guitar Center, Colbie Caillat at Guitar Center
Guitar Center, “At Guitar Center” Webseries 2014-2016

Friends of the L.A. River 2016 Fundraiser featuring Moby
Nic Harcourt’s Transmissions web series
Paradox Girl Kickstarter Promo videos
Musician’s Friend, Gil Sharone Product Interviews
Musician’s Friend, Kirk Hammett Interview
Guitar Center, Richie-palooza
Guitar Center, 2013 Vendor Awards
Guitar Center, Cindy Blackman Interview
Guitar Center, GOTG Winner: Buscabulla in the Studio
Guitar Center, Bluesmaster Winner: Matt Hines in the Studio
Guitar Center, 2013 Get Out of the Garage Contest
Cookie Cutter Killer, “Head Over Heels” music video
Rocket, “Hey Baby” music video
Kita Klane, “Fingerprints” music video

“Bedlam Stories” (novel trailer, director: Pearry Teo)
Colbie Caillat, “Christmas in the Sand” (music video, director: Roman White)
“Pretty Perfect” (feature film, director: York Shackleton)
“Tekken: Reload” (short film, director: Pearry Teo)
“The Evil Inside” (feature film, director: Pearry Teo)
William Control, “Deathclub” (music video, director: Rob Schroeder)
Natalia Lesz, “Power of Attraction” (music video, director: Adam Egypt Mortimer)
Against Me!, “White People for Peace” (music video, director: Adam Egypt Mortimer)
Combichrist, “Get Your Body Beat” (music video, director: Agata Alexander)
“The Gene Generation” (feature film, director: Pearry Teo)
Madlife, “I Want War” (music video, director: Jeff Jingle)

“The Vampire Diaries”, L..J. Smith / HarperCollins (novel)
“Secret Circle”, L.J. Smith / HarperCollins (novel)
“Rot & Ruin”, Jonathan Maberry / Simon & Schuster (novel)
“Dust & Decay”, Jonathan Maberry / Simon & Schuster (novel)
“Flesh & Blood”, Jonathan Maberry / Simon & Schuster (novel)
“Set the World on Fire”, Black Veil Brides / Universal (album)
“Disguises”, Aiden / Victory Records (album)
“Knives”, Aiden / Victory Records (album)